• Stacy Ricotta

    Clinical Director

    Stacy holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of St. Thomas, Houston. Stacy works with individuals in the hope of strengthening and helping families, no matter the shape or size. She believes that an individual’s ability to function well within their social context is of vital importance to mental health and well-being.

    Stacy has solid clinical experience working with teens and parents. Whether her client is in crisis, working through trauma, adjusting to a life change or navigating through a particular issue and in need of support or skills training, Stacy’s ability to connect with clients enables her to maintain a positive and impactful therapeutic relationship. This relationship is the most critical part of the healing process.

    Stacy practices Talk Therapy using integration and imagination. The therapeutic conversation may involve narrative connections, play, creative arts, self-exploration and self-reflection–whatever means best suits the individual and helps her to connect with her clients in an authentic and empathic way. She believes that although they often don’t know it, individuals already possess the strengths that allow for growth and healing. Much of the process includes identifying and becoming adept at using those strengths.

    Stacy’s training areas include anxiety, depression, mood and behavior disorders, suicidal-ideation, self-harm, identifying and healing complex trauma, parenting support and recovery from abuse. Whatever the issue may be, Stacy’s focus is her client, their strengths and their potential for growth.