• Jacob Weissman

    Clinical Therapist

    Jacob Weissman is an LPC-Associate under the supervision of Betsy Smith, LPC-S. He specializes in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related Anxiety Disorders. He is passionate about helping individuals suffering from OCD and related anxiety disorders obtain symptom-relief and use their mental health journey to fuel a life of purpose and meaning. Jacob also works with adolescents and adults to address a variety of mental health concerns including depression, grief, life transitions, and trauma.

    Jacob received his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Houston Christian University. He completed a graduate practicum and internship at the OCD Institute of Texas (formerly McLean OCDI of Houston), one of the only specialized residential treatment facilities for OCD and related disorders. He gained extensive experience in using Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP) to treat all kinds of OCD. ERP is widely recognized as the gold-standard therapy for OCD and helps the individual break the patterns that drive the OCD cycle. The individual learns through ERP that the discomfort associated with their obsessions can be tolerated- without resorting to compulsions. He is careful to adapt his approach to the specific needs of the client, believing strongly in the need for therapy to be personalized to match the unique individuality of every client.